It’s Back! Cutting streets for utility installation or patch work is no problem for the Vermeer CC155 concrete cutter. Its ground speed and compact design will help you get your project done efficiently while minimizing lane closures. With the sustained torque output of its Tier 4 Final (Stage IV) 156 hp (116 kW) John Deere engine and SmartTEC performance software, the CC155 is a smart choice for road construction, interstate and highway repair, airport lighting projects and demolition work.


CC155 Concrete Cutter Video

Features and Benefits

  • Get your job done on tight timelines with its enhanced transport speed.
  • Limit lane closures with its compact design.
  • Deliver great traction with a true all-wheel drive system.
  • Work early in the morning or late at night with backlit gauges and work lights.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.
General Dimensions and Weights
Weight 26600 lbs 12065.6 kg
Length 165 in 419.1 cm
Height 120 in 304.8 cm
Width 96 in 243.8 cm
Wheel Base (Centerline of Axles) 97 in 246.4 cm
Ground Clearance 5 in 12.7 cm
Tread Width 79 in 200.7 cm
Water Tank Capacity 200 gal 757.1 L
Weight (Tanks Empty) 24800 lbs 11249.1 kg
Make and Model John Deere 4045
Gross Horsepower 156 hp 116.3 kw
Fuel Tank Capacity 88 gal 333.1 L
Operating Range 10.5 hours
Number of Cylinders 4
Cooling Medium Liquid
Air Cleaner Dry type exhaust aspirated
Electrical System 24 volt DC
Auxiliary Hydraulic System
Oil Tank Capacity 74 gal 280.1 L
Oil Type Vermeer HyPower 68 or Vermeer HyPower 100
Ground Drive
Ground Drive Motors Dual-path hydrostatic with dual series flow to four low speed high torque motors
Travel Speed 461 ft/min 461 m
System Pressure 5000 psi 344.7 bar
Brakes (Park) Spring-applied, hydraulic release
Tire size 32.3 x 16.5 - 12
Transport Speed Maximum (High) 971 ft/min 296 m/min
Type Hydraulic Automotive
Steering Ratio 4 turns lock to lock
Turning Radius 216 in 548.6 cm
Cutter Wheel
Wheel Diameter 84 in 213.4 cm
Cutting Width 4.8 in 12.1 cm
Cutting Width - Option Two 5 in 12.7 cm
Cutting Width - Option Three 6.5 in 16.5 cm
Cutting Width - Option Four 9 in 22.9 cm
Cutting Width - Option Five 10 in 25.4 cm
Maximum Cutting Depth 31 " (78.74 cm)
Cutting Teeth Type Free-rotating, carbide tipped
Cutter Wheel Drive Hydrostatic, one pump, one low speed high torque motor
Rock Cutter Segments Bolt-on replaceable x 10
Wheel Thickness 2 in 5.1 cm
Rock Cutter Teeth Quantity 5 " (12.7 cm) Cut 110
Rock Cutter Teeth Quantity 6.5 " (16.51 cm) Cut 130
Rock Cutter Teeth Quantity 9 " (22.86 cm) Cut 150
Rock Cutter Teeth Quantity 10 " (25.4 cm) Cut 110
Cutter Wheel Drive
Cutter Tip Speed (Low Gear) 1056 ft/min 321.9 m/min
Cutter Tip Speed (High Gear) 2113 ft/min 644 m/min
Foam Filled Tires Standard
Asphalt Mill 30" (76.2 cm) wide x 13" (33 cm) deep or 30" wide (76.2 cm) x 20" (50.8 cm) deep