The FT100 forestry tractor is built for optimal performance and efficiency. The torsion suspended track drive provides a swift and durable system for work in demanding terrain, while a rearview camera with in-cab monitor provides added visibility, enhancing maneuverability. With the above-ground mulcher attachment, operators have the features and control needed for small-scale land-clearing operations. A ringed rotor design provides effective single-pass clearing, and also controls the depth of cut to maximize engine performance.


FT100 Forestry Tractor

Features and Benefits

  • The compact design of the synchronous belt drive enables the overall width of the mulcher head to remain narrow enough to work in tight places, and the driveline is easily accessible for maintenance.
  • A torsion suspended track system provides a comfortable, swift, durable and tractive drive system for the most demanding terrain.
  • Engine compartment doors provide convenient access to maintenance points.
  • A rearview camera with in-cab monitor provides added visibility, enhancing maneuverability.
  • The ringed rotor design of the above-ground mulcher head attachment helps guide material into the path of the cutting tips for effective single-pass clearing and full-tip coverage.
  • Interchangeable rotor tips on the above-ground mulcher allow the operator to optimize cutting performance to fit site conditions, without the need to rebalance the drum each time.
Transport Dimensions
Length (Tractor Only with Tracks) 181 in 459.7 cm
Tractor width- 30" wide track 72.5 in 184.2 cm
Height (basic tractor, tracks) 90 in 228.6 cm
Tractor Weight with Attachment Range 13880 lbs
Approach Angle 35.5 deg
Ground Clearance 14.8 in 37.5 cm
Engine Option One
Make and Model Cummins 3.8L Tier 4 Final (Stage IV)
Rated horsepower 120 hp 89.5 kw
Rated Engine RPM 2500
Number of Cylinders 4
Max engine operating angle 30 deg
Cooling Medium Liquid
Fan-type Reversable
Air Cleaner Dual Element With Pre-cleaner
Exhaust-type DOC/DPF
Electrical System 12
Battery capacity 950
Alternator-Type Brushed, 120A
Fuel Tank Capacity 30 gal 113.6 L
Sound Power 108.0 dB(A)
Sound Level (In Cab) at Operator's Ear 87.6 dB(A)
Track Option One
Make and Model Rubber with all purpose tread
Track Pad Type Embedded co-polymer cords
Track pad width 20 in 50.8 cm
Ground pressure 4.9 psi .3 bar
Max ground speed - high 10 mph 16.1 km/h
Max ground speed - low 6 mph 9.7 km/h
Park Brake Yes
Hydraulic System
Oil Tank Capacity 22 gal 83.3 L
Oil Type Ashless High V1 46
Attachment pump displacement 85cc
Attachment pump flow at max rpm 45 gpm 170.3 L/min
Egress points 2 - Front Door, Rear Window
Window Type Front - abrasion resistant polycarbonate
Window thickness .5 in 1.3 cm
Control System Dual joystick
Air Conditioner/Heater 18,500 BTU/33,000 BTU
Air Suspension Seat Adjustable Suspension w/2" Wide Seat Belt
Audio system AM/FM/WX
Display Monocrome
Pressurized/Filtered Air Std
Rollover protective structure (ROPS) verified Meets ISO 8082-1:2009
Falling object protective structure (FOPS) verified Meets ISO 8083:2006 Level 2
Operator protective structure (OPS) verified Meets ISO 8084;2003
Backup camera Color, infrared, standard
Number of work lights 4
Work light-type Bulb
Above Ground Mulcher
Model Name FH100
Overall attachment width 73 in 185.4 cm
Weight with attachment range 2650 lbs 1202 kg
Rotor-type Ringed
Tip Diameter 18 in 45.7 cm
Working Width 63 in 160 cm
Quantity of cutting teeth 17
Rotor rpm 2227 rpm
Rotor drive Cogged belt
Number of motors 1
Hydraulic motor displacement 115 cu-in 1884.5 cu-cm
Tip option 1 Sharp planar
Tip option 2 Clad-faced planar
Tip option 3 Impact-resistant hammer
Rear mounted winch 15000 lbs 6803.9 kg